DirectQuote - Transport Carrier Network

We welcome Shippers to the Transport Carrier Network’s Freight Quote System.

Free of charge, shippers can receive freight rate quotes directly from one or more pre-qualified network transport, serving over 1850 local Shippernet Freight Centers of America.

Transport carriers with adequate space-for-hire, can either be stationary or moving near the origin of a load or shipment, or moving toward its destination. Many moving transport carriers are able to re-position available equipment space to shipment’s location and pickup and delivery en route to its destination.

En route available space provides the quickest service and most competitive freight rates. After creation, freight rate quotes are immediately e-mailed to all transport carriers, stationary or moving, within 75 miles of the shipment’s location. Quotes can be maintained from 2 to 10 days so wait for a Freight Quote or contact.

Keep return e-mail information available. It is needed to remove a quote from the system.

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