Transport Carrier Network

Advertising En Route Space for Shippers’ Logistics


The Transport Carrier Network is a national network of FMCSA pre-qualified transport carriers that advertise parked and en route trailer and truck space for hire at one or more ShipperNet Freight Centers for shippers’ logistics. Centers serve as links to en route space at over 1850 local towns, cities, ports and airports throughout the United States for transporting truckload and partial shipments. From any Center available equipment space can be found up to a 75 mile radius. With searches up to 500 miles. The Centers are designed to help shippers, in real time, locate available parked or nearby moving space. After locating the right equipment and space needs, shippers with one click are provided direct transport carrier contact information.

Locating nearby trailer and truck space quickly helps shippers save freight costs, enhance customer deliveries, better utilize trailer and truck space and reduce or eliminate middleman cost. Transport carriers are free to work with multiple shippers and warehouses to stop, drop, pool, aggregate, or co-load freight en-route to a given destination.

A Transport Cost Center is also available. Where a Fuel Cost Trip Simulator and a Trip Simulator Pro allows transport carriers to simulate current fuel costs and the total additional costs per mile from an origin to a destination point.

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All classes, types, and kinds of full loads or partials shipments can be posted to any Center. Any general commodity that can be transported in a van, reefer, flatbed, specialty trailer or a straight truck may be posted. Loads and partial shipments are automatically posted to both an origin and destination Center allowing backhaul opportunities for transport carriers returning home en route to a destination point.

Asking for a Freight Quote is an alternative to posting a load or shipment. Transport carrier dispatchers receiving Freight Quote requests will call or e-mail a return freight rate quote.

Shippers save freight costs through better trailer and truck space utilization, improve en route customer deliveries, and reduce or eliminate middlemen costs. A search of parked or moving space can be made up to a 500-mile radius of any Center.

Shippers, warehouses and transport carriers are free to work together to stop, drop, pool, aggregate, or co-load freight en route to increase transportation efficiencies and reduce overall freight costs.

A Transport Cost Center is also available allowing shippers to simulate the total shipment costs per mile to assist in negotiating freight rates.

Once a load or shipment is picked up, an online current location system is available to track the load or shipment to its destination. All transport carriers advertising available space have been pre-qualified under the registration requirements of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

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While Centers directly link shippers and transport carriers with available en route space, brokers and freight forwarders acting as a shipper’s agent can post load and shipments at no costs to a separate ShipperNet broker board where viewing is available to all transport carriers.

Brokers can also ask for and receive freight rate quotes directly from network transport carriers. Freight rate quotes are automatically e-mailed to all transport carriers in the locality having available space whether parked or moving within a 75 mile radius of a Center. Broker and Freight Forwarder loads and shipments can also be conveniently downloaded and viewed by a driver using the phone APP.

For a nominal monthly listing fee, a brokerage or freight forwarding firm with contact information can be linked to one or more Centers for transport carriers seeking for broker or freight forwarder loads or shipments within a locality.

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