Freight Center - Camden, New Jersey

Total Public Access Allowed
Preferred, pre-qualified Transport Carriers 1 Details Yes
Transport Carrier Directory 25 Details Yes
Public Loads and Shipments 2 Details Yes
Private Loads and Shipments 0 Details Sign Up Required
Moving Space Available 0 Details Sign Up Required
Freight Quotes 0 Details Sign Up Required
Local Available Equipment 1 Details Sign Up Required
Back Hauls 0 Details Sign Up Required

Only preferred, pre-qualified transport carriers get access to non-brokered Loads and Shipments
Sign Up for shipper, broker, or transport carrier account.

Glossary of Terms Used
Pre-Qualified Transport Carriers Registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration with link to the FMCSA databases
Moving Space Available Transport carriers advertising available moving space at or near a Freight Center
Loads and Shipments List of Loads and Shipments posted by shippers and brokers to the Transport Carrier Network
Freight Quotes Receive direct email freight quotes from shippers
Local Available Equipment Transport carriers advertising available stationary space at or near a Freight Center
Back Hauls Transport stationary space available for backhaul to a desired destination city